Our Staff

Teachers and school administration can be contacted at the email addresses provided below:

Amsden, Sharon
Bates, Kelly
Belfer, Joanna
Bowers, Kevin
Collier, Dean
Convery, Elizabeth
Craft, Margot
Creighton, Daniel
Cutrona, Salvatore
DeLong, Brooke
DeRooy, Jordan
Dillon, Rebecca
Edmunds, Lauren
Fawcett, Tim
Goldring, Ted
Goldring, Paul 
Gordon, Lisa
Gordon, Marty
Grasse, Jen   (VP)
Gray, Martha
Hamilton, Breanne
Healey, Amy
Hopkins, Neil
Holmes, Whitney
Hurtubise, Gary
James, Doug
Kemp, Aerin
Kirk, Lauren
Laird, Rob
Lattimore, Ashley
LeBlanc, Jody
Leeder, Paul
Ley, Tim
Liblik, Lauren
Lowry, Angela
Lyons, Elizabeth
McCann, Alain
Anne Marie    (P)

McKibbin, Megan
McLaren, Katlynd
Meyer, Mat
Meyers, Kate   (VP)
Mills, Ed
Montgomery, Ian
Moore, Tonia
Newell, Mark
Oke, Diana
Peperkorn, Karen
Reid, Jamie
Richards, Julie
Riley, Jo-Anne
Rose, Leslie
Schiedel, Preston
Sharpe, Michelle
Tapscott, Morgan
Tye, Pat
Vail, Tiiu