School Improvement Plan

Each year, LCVI develops two school goals: one related to Student Achievement, and another focused on School Climate. Our school goals are developed collaboratively by school administration and staff, using student achievement data and school climate survey results. Professional Development days are used to develop our school action plan, engage in learning related to our school goals, and analyze and reflect on our progress as a school.

Student voice is a critical component in the development of our school goals. Two times per year, our students complete a school climate survey which gathers information about sense of belonging and school safety, student engagement, academic rigour and future plans, . We also gather additional data from students through focus group sessions at different points during the year. 

LCVIs School Improvement Goals

Student Achievement

We believe that an increase in students' intellectual engagement in school will lead to improved student achievement. We focus on the use of critical thinking skills and inquiry-based learning in order to foster enhanced intellectual engagement. Rates of credit attainment, number of students achieving the provincial standard (level 3 and higher), and school absenteeism are used to inform our work on this school goal.

School Climate

We believe that a focus on institutional and social/emotional engagement at school will lead to increased sense of well-being and belonging. We focus on the development of grit, emphasize growth and improvement, and foster a sense of gratitude among staff and students to support the development of this goal. We use self-report data from our school climate survey and focus groups to assess our progress. Student achievement indicators are also used to inform our work in this area.