AP PREP & AAEP (Interviews: January 16th-22nd)

AP Prep & AAEP
Posted on 12/19/2018

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Grade 9 Math Sample Interview Questions and Answers .pdf

Interview scoring for each interview section.pdf

AAEP and AP PREP Interview information


Arrive on time to the LCVI Learning Commons for your interview appointment. You will be contacted with the date and time after January 9th, the application deadline. Remember, to have an interview, you MUST sign up online. The paper application is only half of the application process. Samples of math problems, as well as visual, quote, and music stimuli are posted for your reference with possible responses to them.


The interview process will last 30 minutes start to finish, although you will only be talking for 15 minutes of it.


  1. You will be given a Math problem, and some think time, followed by discussion of how you would approach it.
  2. You will choose one stimulus; either visual, quote or music based which you will think about how to respond to it.
  3. You will present your prepared speech on yourself, wherein you will share a sample of your academic work or a demonstration of your arts area as set out in the yellow handout. 
  4. You will have a short response discussion to the stimulus of your choice, be it visual, quote or musical.