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Transition Newsletter & Events

Board and school staff are working with affected students, families and community partners to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to prepare students and staff for the transition and closure of QECVI at the end of June. We have created a Transition Update Newsletter to help share important information with students and parents. This newsletter is in addition to other modes of communication being used at the school and Board levels.

LCVI hosts club carousel & barbecue

Students hear what clubs and sports are available at LCVI from staff and student leaders. LCVI hosted a barbecue and carousel last week to allow new and former QECVI students to become familiar with what extra-curricular club, sports and other activities are available outside of the classroom at LCVI. Staff who are running various clubs each spoke about their club and also wore signs indicating their club, so that they could mingle with students, field questions and encourage participation. Students were treated to a free hot dog lunch prepared by the Cook's Internship Program as well as popcorn and freezies.

Welcome to LCVI Video

        Check out this whistle-stop tour of LCVI
        created by Grade 11 students Josiah Ascough & Will Wright.

Sustainability Coordinator Dan Hendry shows Frontenac Public School students how to use Kingston Transit's rack-and-ride bus rack during an orientation session.Kingston Transit Pass Blitz Day

Thanks to the ongoing partnership between Kingston Transit and the Board, students living in the QECVI area got a jump on the school year by getting their free transit pass for the 2016-2017 school year.
On May 30, incoming Grade 9 students from QECVI feeder schools had an opportunity to get a new pass while existing QECVI students got to renew their passes for September. Board Sustainability Coordinator Dan Hendry and Kingston Transit staff picked up feeder school students at their schools, took them to QECVI to get their passes and then on a ride of their actual Transit route. Existing QECVI students were able to renew their passes on site.
Frontenac Public School Teacher Meghan Squarebriggs says the day was a huge success and her Grade 8 students now feel more comfortable riding the bus. She says this has broken down a barrier for them. They also intend to practise using the bus over the summer with the free 12-ride pass provided to the Grade 8s (incoming Grade 9s) from the four feeder schools. These students will receive their new transit passes with their report card, if not before.
The transit passes will be key for students who live within 3.2 km and are not eligible for school bus transportation. School bus transportation is only available to students who live more than 3.2 km from either KCVI or LCVI.
Through this partnership, students are now able to not only get to and from school, but to part-time jobs, volunteer commitments and recreational activities.
Students who didn’t get a pass can still get one in the fall.

More than 100 students from LCVU & QECVI came together to plan student leadership activities for next year when the schools come together.Student Leadership Day

Just over 100 students from LCVI (55) and QECVI (53) assembled at LDSB Educational Services April 27 as part of a Joint Student Leadership Day made possible through a Speak Up Grant.
“There are a broad range of leadership opportunities for students at LCVI and multiple ways for students to get involved,” explains LCVI teacher Jo-Anne Reilly, who helped coordinate the day. “With QECVI students joining us in September, we wanted to begin planning now to ensure that all students are involved in developing our student leadership plan for next year.”
The day-long event opened with ice-breaker events to help the students in Grades 9 to 11 get to know one another. What followed was a variety of communication and leadership activities focused on collaboration and team work.
QECVI Grade 10 student Carson, who also participated in the recent joint Harmony Movement Day, says he is getting more and more comfortable about the upcoming move to LCVI. “I like how everyone had these ideas and lots of them were the same. I didn’t know we could collaborate this well together as a big group. It was good.”
The students also had an opportunity to talk about what they want to keep from their respective schools when they come together next year, and what new things they might do together.
Sam, a Grade 9 student from LCVI, says these kinds of joint events are important for students to mingle, make friends and understand each other’s needs. “I want to help bridge the gap. I know it is a big step but I think it will be positive for both sets of students – and we can make some great memories together.”

Guidance visits give QECVI students a first look at LCVI

Student Services staff have been taking small groups of QECVI students
to LCVI over lunch hours to provide them with a quick introduction
and tour of LCVI. The students get to visit key areas and enjoy a
meal in the LCVI cafeteria. Since the tours started in February,
more than 75 students have taken part. LCVI staff have been
very welcoming to their new students for 2016-2017.
Larger-scale visits will take place later this spring.

QECVI & LCVI students receiving School to Community supports met recently during a joint bowling event. School to Community Program Pen Pals

Students in School to Community Programs at both LCVI and QECVI have been taking time to get to know one another in advance of their coming together in September.
QECVI School to Community Teacher Beth Lyons came up with the idea of a pen pal program between students and contacted her counterparts at LCVI, Jordan DeRooy and Tammy Lambert.
“We had already discussed visits to LCVI and the possibility of meeting the students at some point, so I thought this would be a great introduction for the students,” said Lyons.
To start, Lyons said she started talking about the word "transition" and how this move was going to affect students. Together, QECVI students talked about their feelings of moving to a new school and all the new things they were going to encounter. Next, they wrote letters to the LCVI students asking them about their program, what their days looked like, and about them.
Lyons said the experience has been positive for everyone involved. The messages from LCVI students have been positive and encouraging. “Our students were really excited to get letters back and are enjoying writing to their new friends. They cannot wait to meet them.”
The 40 students, 20 from each school, got that chance April 1 when they came together for a bowling trip.
Grade 10 QECVI student Evan Bates said he enjoys writing to his pen pal because he gets to practise his writing and reading the letters he gets back is a lot of fun. He had a good time meeting LCVI students during the joint bowling event. “It was a bit overwhelming but interesting to meet people from LC.”

Harmony Movement

Over two days in early March, 30 student leaders from LCVI and QECVI gathered to learn how they could help build a safe, inclusive and diverse school community when they come together in September. Using the Harmony Movement’s interactive and innovative school programs, participating students learned about different styles of leadership, and examined prejudices and stereotypes. Next, they spent time brainstorming what kind of leadership projects and initiatives they could plan to create lasting and impactful initiatives that will promote a positive school culture, and bring their two school communities together.

Joint Professional Activity Day

Staff participated in a visioning session for our two composite secondary schools in Kingston.Staff participated in a visioning session for our two composite secondary schools in Kingston.A Joint Professional Activity Day involving teaching staff from KCVI, LCVI and QECVI was held at LCVI on February 29. Staff spent some time getting to know each other as well as some visioning for two composite secondary schools in Kingston. Later, staff participated in a variety of learning carousels on various topics including indepedent student writing, literacy, science, technology in the classroom, blended learning and mindfulness to support students. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and additional joint learning and sharing opportunities will be scheduled.


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